What is the Process to Apply for Life Insurance?

3. Application Approval Process

Your application and the medical lab exam results will be reviewed by an underwriter. If they feel they have sufficient information and do not require any further medical information from your doctor than they will like approve the application in 3- 5 days after receiving the application and medical results.

4. Issuing the Policy

The policy will be sent to you for signature and must be returned back to the insurance company before the policy takes effect. This will likely take another 5-7 days.

If the underwriter feels that more medical information is required and requests additional records from your doctor, than the application route will take the following process.

Life Insurance Application with Medical Exam but Medical Records Are Required (Can Take Between 4-8 Weeks before Policy in Effect)

You would follow the same steps as in the above scenario. However, as the life insurance company wants to see more medical information, they will send their request to the doctor’s office.

Getting medical records for the doctor’s office can occur fairly quickly or take some time before the life insurance company receives the information.

Some of the delays which occur at this step can be a result of the following:

– The doctor’s office has a backlog of similar requests.

– Requests for medical records require a fee which must be processed.

– Some medical records may be temporarily misplaced.

– Records may be required from one or more doctors.

We have no control over the latter process in how long it takes for the doctors to send the requested medical information back to the company. I have to tell you up front that this step simply takes as long as it takes.

In some extreme situations, medical records may even have to be requested from another country.

I Want to Apply for Life Insurance Right Now – What do I do?

You can get started with an application either by calling us toll free at 877 – 966 – 9383 or by filling out a quote request using our form on the right, and when you find the policy that suits you best, select “Request Application”.