10 Year Term for Over Age 60

Other reasons to buy a 10 year term life insurance policy include:

  • Paying off your mortgage
  • Paying for other debts such as loans or credit cards
  • Pay off business loans if you are self employed
  • Paying for long term care medical expenses
  • Paying for your funeral and other death related expenses
  • Leaving a financial cushion to your spouse
  • Leaving a financial legacy to your children or even your grandchildren

Can I Buy a Longer Term Policy?

The answer is yes.  If you are between the ages of 60 – 69 you can also opt to buy a 15 or 20 year term, but you should be aware that these policies will be a fair bit more expensive.

However, if you want to get an even longer term such as a 30 year term, I’m afraid you will be out of luck as no insurance company will issue a 30 year term policy to someone in their 60’s.

Will I need to get a Medical Exam?

The answer is yes. The good news is that the companies will only require a few simple tests that are non intrusive and it won’t take much of your time.

Need More Information to Buy Life Insurance in your 60’s

You will also find this article helpful in providing you with more information on buying term life insurance in your sixties.

Term Life Insurance 60 – 69 Years Old

How to get the Best Possible Rates for a 10 Year Term Policy

You always want to talk to an independent agent like myself.  We can access and research dozens of companies so you are assured we will find the best policy at the most affordable rates.  If you have health concerns, don’t let that dissuade you because we can give you valuable advice and help you to find a policy that suits you.

Whatever your needs or questions then please call me direct at 877 – 966 – 9383.