20 Year Term for 41 to 45 Years Old

Are you between the ages of 41 and 45 years of age and looking to find an affordable 20 year term life insurance policy?

We have exactly what you are looking for and can provide you with a 20 term life insurance policy that is incredibly inexpensive and within your budget.

How much is a 20 Term Life Insurance Policy?

I did some research because I’m an independent agent who specializes in finding low cost term life policies for someone in your age group and I think that you will agree that the following sample quotes are very economical.

The following rates are for someone who is in good health and who is a non-smoker. Don’t worry though if you still smoke because your monthly or annual premiums will be a little bit more expensive but not by much.

$100,000 Term Life Insurance Quotes for Ages 41-45

                                          20 Year Term
Age                                   Monthly                     Annual

41 Year Old Man              $12.34                      $143.02
42 Year Old Man              $13.30                      $154.17
43 Year Old Man              $14.35                      $166.43
44 Year Old Man              $15.52                      $179.90
45 Year Old Man              $16.77                      $194.38

(Disclaimer – These rates are effective as of February 1, 2013)

Why is Term Life Insurance so Inexpensive?

Term life insurance is a lot less expensive than what you would pay for a permanent policy such as whole life, universal life and variable life insurance because it pays death benefits only.

The premiums are generally guaranteed for the life of the 20 year term policy. All you have to do is name your beneficiary.

Will I Need a Medical Exam?

It will depend on the requirements of each individual insurance company. It also depends on how large a policy you want to buy and how you answer the medical questionnaire. In a number of instances you may be required to get a very brief and non-invasive medical exam that consists of a few tests. Not to worry though because you can get through it pretty quick and with minimal fuss.

What Reasons Would I Buy A 20 Year Term Life Insurance Policy?

If you’re between the ages of 41- 45, then you are probably most interested in replacing your lost income should you die unexpectedly. You would also likely buy a 20 year term policy in this age bracket to cover you until the age of retirement.

If you wondering what the ideal amount off income replacement to buy to cover your lost income, than most life insurance experts say you should ideally buy a minimum of 10 times your current yearly income. Of course, it also depends on what your budget will allow.

One thing to keep in mind is that any form of life insurance policy becomes more expensive as you get older so if you just happen to be approaching another birthday than I suggest you buy now before you hit that birthday threshold.continue page 2……