Are You Between The Ages of 31 – 35 and Looking for Life Insurance?

I can give you the answers you want and find you the right life insurance policy that will suit your particular life insurance needs.

At this stage of your life you are most likely getting well settled into your career and have likely started a family and bought a home. You need to protect your family should something unfortunate happen.

That’s the best reason to keep reading and learn more about what type of life insurance to buy so your family can keep on going. It’s about giving your family security and financial protection.

Some Examples of Affordable Life Insurance

You might be wondering first off about how much life insurance costs. Well, it depends on the type you buy and the amount of coverage in your policy. But, I did some research and I have some quotes for what it would cost you monthly to buy a $100,000 term life insurance policy for someone in your age bracket.

The following quotes are for a person in good health and who doesn’t smoke. These quotes show what it would cost you monthly for a 10 year term, a 20 year term and a 30 year term.

$100,000 Term Life Insurance Quotes for Ages 31 – 35

Age                                 10 Year Term        20 Year Term       30 Year Term

31 Year Old Man                 $7.26                         $9.45                   $13.21
32 Year Old Man                 $7.27                         $9.47                   $13.48
33 Year Old Man                 $7.27                         $9.49                   $13.83
34 Year Old Man                 $7.27                         $9.50                   $14.09
35 Year Old Man                 $7.27                         $9.52                   $14.35

(Disclaimer – These rates are effective as of February 1, 2013)

Types of Life Insurance Policies for Someone Ages 31 -35

If you’re not sure what type of life insurance would suit your particular needs then I will explain the differences.

Life insurance comes in 2 main types which are known as term insurance and permanent insurance. Permanent insurance is further broken down into whole life and universal life.

Term Insurance

Term insurance is a life insurance policy that covers you for life but is sold in periods of time like the samples shown in the quotes above. There are other term options available because you can get a term policy to cover you to specific age in you life such as age 65 which is when most people often retire from working.

Term insurance is ideal if all you’re looking for is income replacement. It can also be used to pay for your death and funeral expenses, pay off your mortgage, your other debts such as loans and credit cards. continue page 2…….