Tips for Purchasing Life Insurance in Florida

Tips for Buying Life Insurance in FloridaIf you live in Florida or just recently located to this state, you might be wondering what kind of life insurance you can buy and where to find it.

The kinds of life insurance policies you find in Florida are pretty much the same you will find in any other state in the union. Like everyone, else, you might be wondering if you can find any deals that might save you money on a policy. You should find the answers to most of your questions in the information below.

Main Advantage in FL is Foreign Travel

In Florida you will generally find that the same types of life insurance policies are available that can be found in other states.  The only real advantage I can think of when applying for life insurance in Florida rather than most states is if you travel internationally.  For some reason, the department of insurance in FL doesn’t allow insurance companies to pry about foreign travel on applications completed in FL, so it’s much easier to be approved for life insurance in FL if you travel to hazardous locations.

Special Note for Families of Puerto Ricans

Yes, your family members can get US life insurance if they come to Florida for a visit.  While they’re here, they’ll need to complete the application, take their medical exam, and will need to stay in FL until their application has been approved and mailed to the policyholder.  They can’t return to Puerto Rico until all of these steps have been completed.

Types of Florida Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance comes in 2 different types in FL as well as any other state.

The first type of life insurance is called Term life insurance and is the cheapest form of life insurance that you can buy.  The reason it is called term insurance is because it covers you for a specific period of time such as for 10, 20. 25 years for example. Term life insurance is your most basic form of life insurance because it covers you for death benefits only.

This type of policy is relatively easy to get because in some instances, you may even not require a medical exam, or at the very least only have to answer some medical questions over the phone.

The other type of life insurance policy is called ‘Permanent’ life insurance. There are 3 types of permanent insurance.  They include whole life, universal life, and variable life. Whole life insurance and universal life are the more common polices that people buy. These policies are more expensive. The reason is that they not only incorporate the death benefits but also have a cash value accumulation feature as well.

You should also note that these policies are more expensive. To qualify for these policies you will also likely be required to have a medical exam, or at least to be subject to some very detailed questions about the state of your health.

Because they are slightly different, I suggest you do some research or talk to your agent for more detail to understand the fine point differences in these permanent life insurance policies.

How Much does Life Insurance Cost?

The simplest answer to that is to say that it would not cost you anymore to buy a life insurance policy in Florida than anywhere else. To find out how much it would cost to buy life insurance in Florida you should check out our online quote menu on this site. You could also give us a call at 1-877-996-9383 and we would be happy to take through the process and discuss your options.

To buy a term or permanent life insurance policy in Florida isn’t going to cost you anymore than what you would pay for life insurance in Georgia or California. You can also pretty much find the same products in the state of Florida as what you would find elsewhere.

How to Buy Life Insurance in Florida

You can buy life insurance in Florida through several methods. You can research it online and compare prices by checking quotes from different companies. You can also talk to a service representative at a company. Your best bet might be to talk to an insurance agent such as myself.

Now, insurance agents are slightly different from each other. Some agents only represent a single company, while others may only represent several companies. The best type of insurance agent to talk to is an ‘independent’ agent. An independent agent in Florida has access to a whole range of companies and can look around for you to find the best deal to save you money.

An independent agent can also give a health assessment beforehand and offer you a variety of choices to make the best possible selection that’s right for you.

Insurance Tips

One of the biggest pieces of advice that I can tell you when buying life insurance in Florida is to always tell the truth. If you don’t you could be committing fraud and end up having claim denied.

The second biggest tip is to take your time and shop around.  Before you buy get at least a number of quotes from 2 or more agents..

We are one of these independent agencies, licensed with over 30 life insurance companies, so when you come to us for help, you’ll know the quotes we provide you are the absolute lowest prices available.  For more information or to get started with an application for Florida life insurance, sign up for some quotes using our instant quote form on the right or call us at 877-996-9383.