Want to learn more about ING Life Insurance Company?

The life insurance products offered by ING Life Insurance Company include the following;

•    Term Life Insurance
•    Universal Life Insurance
•    Survivorship Universal Life Insurance
•    Indexed Life Insurance
•    Variable Universal Life Insurance

How Does ING Life Insurance Quotes Compare with Other Companies?

Everyone is concerned about how much they will have to pay for life insurance. So, one of the biggest factors that some people use when choosing a life insurance policy is to ask the question ‘How much will it cost me?’

I did some research to see how ING stacked up against its competitors.  The following quotes I dug up is to find out how much a 20 year old male would pay to get a Preferred Plus rating and who is a non smoker in good health for a $200,000 Term Life Insurance policy.
These are the results.

$200,000 Term Life Insurance Quotes for Male Aged 20

Top 4 Companies                         20 Year Term
Monthly               Annual
ING                                         $13.04               $149.00
Genworth                               $13.83               $158.00
Principal                                $14.09               $161.00
SBLI                                       $14.62               $168.00

(Disclaimer: These quotes are good as of February 10, 2013)

As you can for this particular situation the rates charged by ING are very competitive. This might not be the case for all scenarios where the company has the lowest rates because the rates change and vary from situation to situation.

Underwriting Perks Offered by ING Life Insurance Company

ING is know to be fairly lenient for people who are 60 years of age and older especially when it comes such things as height and weight when compared to other companies. So, if you happen to be concerned about weight and whether it could cause you a problem then this might be an ideal company for you to look at in greater detail.

Review of Customer Complaints

ING Life Insurance Company also has a very high rating when it comes to how it has dealt with customer complaints.  One of the most trusted sources to check this out is with the Better Business Bureau.  The rating assigned by the BBB for ING is shown as an A+ which is a very high rating of customer satisfaction.

Bottom Line

ING Life Insurance Company is an established company with a wide range of life insurance products.  The company is financially sound and provides consumers with certain advantages than those offered by other life insurance companies.