Life Insurance Approval after Heart Transplant

Heart Transplant Life InsuranceIf you’ve had a heart transplant, and have been shopping for affordable life insurance, you’ve probably found that your options are quite limited.

In most cases, all your traditional life insurance companies will decline your case as if you’re terminally ill.  It is truly unfair, considering that 50% of heart transplant recipients live more than 10 years after the surgery.  In recipients who live at least one year after the surgery, the prognosis is even better.

Our Insurance Solution for Heart Transplant Survivors

We have affordable options for heart transplant survivors, who have had the surgery more than two years ago.  Yes, it’s okay if you’re on the immunosuppressants, such as Rapamune.  This is expected.

As long as you can answer the following questions no, coverage is available in most states:

1. In the past 2 years, have you had a heart attack or stroke?

2. In the past 2 years, have you had or are you now awaiting an organ or bone marrow transplant?

3. In the past 2 years, have you been advised by a licensed medical professional to be admitted to a nursing home, hospice, extended care, or other special treatment facility, or are you now hospitalized?

There are a few other questions you have to be able to answer “no” to in order to qualify, but these are the major ones relating to your heart.

Life Insurance Quotes after Heart Transplant

Below please find quotes for a *graded death benefit, 20 year term policy, which organ transplant survivors can potentially qualify for if they can answer the questions above “No”.

Age                                          $50,000                         $100,000

Male Age 30                         $63.51                             $122.67 per month

Male Age 40                         $102.22                          $200.10 per month

Male Age 50                         $178.96                          $353.57 per month

Male Age 60                         $299.41                           $594.47 per month

*Quotes above are as of 12/8/11 and are subject to change.  Graded death benefit means the a percentage of the death benefit will be available during the first 2 years.  After 2 years, 100% of the death benefit is payable.

Also note that during the first two years, the full death benefit is payable if death is accidental, but not if death is caused by natural causes.

Available policies are 10 year term, 20 year term, and whole life insurance.

How to Apply for Heart Transplant Life Insurance

For the full questionnaire, to be sure you can qualify, give us a call at 877-996-9383.  If you can qualify, the application is simple.  It’s just a handful of questions, and no medical exam is required.  We can usually have your policy issued within just a few days.

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