Top 10 Causes for Life Insurance Declines and Premature Death in Men!

We men ofteBlood Pressure Commonly Affects Men's Health and Life Insurance Ratesn take the attitude that ‘if it ain’t broke, it don’t need fixing’.

I hate to tell you guys, but that attitude is putting us in the ground long before we need to be planted.

So, what are the top 10 health issues for men?  I’ve compiled a list of to 10 ‘biggies’ that are helping us meet the Grip Reaper far too early.  You want to pay attention, because they kill roughly 1 million men a year.

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1.  Heart Disease

Yup, that’s still the biggest killer out there.  On average, heart disease kills over 300,000 men every year.  You know, what’s really bad about this ugly statistic is that 25% of these men are between the ages of 35 – 65 years old.  That’s way too many for this age range.

The biggest causes of heart disease are high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, obesity, inactivity, and drinking too much alcohol.

You know what’s even worse?  Only 3% of you guys out there practices the 4 things that can have save many of you guys and whittle this needless statistic down. All you have to do is eat right, stuff out those butts, lose some weight and get some exercise.

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2. Cancer

Sure, there are plenty of different types of cancers and causes for these cancers.  You might be wondering what you could do as you might think the ‘Big C’ is out of your control.

Well, think about this little statistic.  About 50% of cancer in men comes from 3 different types which are 1) Lung cancer (31%)  2) Colorectal cancer (10 %)  3) Prostate cancer (9%).

These 3 types of cancers are something you can do something about because you can 1) Quit smoking  2)  Get a colonoscopy  3) Get a prostate exam.  These 3 things alone can either help you avoid these types of cancers or find them early enough to get treatment.  You might grimace about the last 2 exams and say ‘I’ll pass’, but all that does is make the Reaper grin a bit more broadly.

If you’ve had many types of cancer, you can still qualify for life insurance, in many cases immediately after successful treatment (breast, prostate), or in most cases, 1 year post-treatment.  Call us for a quote at 877-996-9383.

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3. Unintentional Deaths

Bravo guys!  This type of stat is wholly unique to our gender.  If you get a kick out of taking unnecessary risks, there’s a fair chance this one will help you take the big sleep well before your time.

What’s the biggest cause of this grim little statistic?  The answer is motor vehicle crashes.  Think about that the next time you get impatient about passing a transport truck on the up portion of a hill, because the Reaper loves the roads too.

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4. Strokes

A lot of you guys might think this is something you don’t have to worry about until old age.  Think again, because almost 25% of all strokes occur under age 65.

So, what are the main contributing factors to strokes?  The big six include inactivity, obesity, high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, high cholesterol and diabetes.  There’s a lot you can do to avoid this nasty way to die.

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