The Most Honest Review of Ohio National You’ll Find

Ohio National Life Insurance Company

Awesome ratings, Low premiums... This is a great little company!

I’ve been contracted to sell Ohio National’s products for three years now, and I’m contracted with a dozen or so other life insurance companies, so I think that makes be the ideal person to write an Ohio National Life Insurance review, as I can compare them to other carriers, and discuss the pros and cons of going with Ohio National.

#1 Advantage of Ohio National Life Insurance – Financial Stability

During these economic times, I get asked more and more frequently about a company’s financial strength and/or ratings.  After all, who wants to pay premiums for years into a life insurance contract, and worry about whether the company will be able to make good on a death benefit payout?

Fortunately, I never have a problem “selling” the stability of Ohio National.  They’ve been in business over 100 years (just celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2009, in fact).  And even after all that time, they are still a growing, vibrant company.  They’ve somehow managed to grow their individual life sales business for a remarkable 21 years straight.

Also they have over $30 billion in assets, and are rated A+ by A.M. Best, their second best of 16 ratings, which means their ability to meet ongoing claims obligations is “superior”, in the opinion of A.M. Best.  To compare their company size to a large cap insurance giant, Ohio National is pretty small.  For example, ING has over $362 Billion of assets under management.

Having said that, Ohio National still has a wonderful, successful history, and I’d feel comfortable recommending their products to anyone.  For more information, click here to Review Ohio National Life Insurance Co.’s history and financial info.

No Gimmicks – No Games

When you learn about the inner workings of how some insurance companies manipulate their whole life and universal life illustrations to show tremendous cash value growth, Ohio Life is like a breath of fresh air.  They don’t play those games.

Many other companies as of late, when needing to generate revenues, have increased their cost of insurance by increasing mortality expenses, which forces clients to add more premiums.  Ohio Life Insurance hasn’t raised mortality expenses ever, and has lowered them three different times.

Advantage #2 – Excellent Term Life and Whole Life Pricing

And what review would be complete without a discussion about pricing?  Well, Ohio National is consistently among the top 10 in pricing for term and whole life insurance on Term4Sale, as well as in my quote results as provided by Compulife.  Sign up for quotes using our form on the right to compare Ohio National with other companies.

Please also note that Ohio National’s offerings are not limited to life insurance in Ohio.  Their products are approved in most states.

Intangibles that Make Ohio National Great

One thing I like about Ohio National as an agent, is they offer a deferred compensation plan for their agents.  I don’t know of any other insurance company who does this.  Basically, if you meet a certain level of annual premium or sales, then they contribute to a deferred comp plan on your behalf at some percentage of your sales.  I’ve never done enough business with them to qualify yet, since most of my business is submitted through Genworth and Prudential, but the point is they take care of their agents, and I think that’s just good business.

A Couple Negatives… Possibly

The only issues I have with Ohio National is that their underwriting guidelines tend to be a bit more strict than at other companies.  So if you get a quote for a 44 year old healthy male, for 10 year term life insurance, and find that Ohio National shows up as having the lowest quote, assuming you can qualify for their best health class, just be careful to check with an agent to make sure you can actually qualify for that rate.

Here’s what I mean.  If you review Ohio National’s underwriting guidelines, you’ll see that they don’t currently allow blood pressure treatment within their Super Preferred class.  Also, their weight chart is not very forgiving.  So say you take Lisinopril and have well controlled high blood pressure, and are 5’10, 200 lbs, you’d have two reasons you couldn’t qualify for Ohio National’s best rating… your hypertension medication and your weight, since their max weight for a 5’10 person is 190 lbs for their best class.

If you applied to a company with more liberal guidelines, such as Genworth, you’d be able to qualify for their best class, and Genworth’s premium would end up coming in lower at their best class than Ohio National’s premium at their 2nd best class.

To be fair, you can argue that the reason Ohio National has been successful for so long is because they are more careful with their underwriting.  So even though they may not “give the farm away”, isn’t that actually somewhat a good thing for their policyholders, to know that they carefully and conservatively assess the risks they’ll insure?

No Internet Leads

The other issue I have with them is they don’t allow sales that come in from internet leads.  So for example, Select Quote or Accuquote don’t quote Ohio National, as well as many other life insurance agencies who primarily generate their leads online.  We do have a contract with Ohio National, however, and leads from our website have been approved as acceptable.

Maybe you can guess why.  How serious is the Google searcher for “cheap term life insurance quotes” about their life insurance search?  These type of internet shoppers get several quotes, and more competition leads to a lower placement ratio.

Again, I can defend them for their stance here.  Internet leads are not always the best quality leads.  A lot of the sales end up getting withdrawn.  So Ohio National has noticed that trend in their new business department, and one day said: ‘Hey, we’re spending time and money processing all these cases, and far too few of them are panning out’, so you could argue they made a good business decision in banning internet lead business.

If you liked this review, please also see our Monumental Life Insurance review and leave a comment, “Like” the article or Google Plus 1 it please.

Overall, I’m very happy with Ohio National, and would recommend them to anyone, including my closest friends and family, and anyone reading this post.  To request a term life insurance quote, please use our form on the right.  If you have any questions about my review, please call me at 877-996-9383.

The Most Important Facts about Life Insurance in Ohio

Ohio Life InsuranceWelcome to Huntley Wealth Insurance, where we offer a variety of Ohio Life Insurance policy types including term and whole life insurance.  Whether you are a healthy individual or someone who takes medication for health conditions, we are the experts in providing low cost life insurance in Ohio.

Sample Life Insurance Quotes from Ohio

Below we’ve provided some sample quotes for a healthy male living in the state of Ohio.  The quotes are for 10 year term, 20 year term, and 30 year term life insurance from age 30 to 70 for $500,000 coverage.

Age                                    10 Year Term             20 Year Term             30 Year Term
Male Age 30                          $155                                $245                             $385
Male Age 40                          $195                                $350                             $621
Male Age 50                          $485                                $930                             $1,535
Male Age 60                          $1,315                             $2,505                         $4,458
Male Age 70                          $3,999                            $9,490                        *$11,811  — All Quotes Per Year

*30 year term is not available in Ohio after age 65 with any companies presently, so I’ve provided a quote for a level payment policy for the 30 year term, male age 70 category.  This is actually not a term policy, but a Genworth Colony SM Lifelong Universal Life policy with guaranteed level premiums to age 100, which is similar to 30 year term, but built on a universal life foundation.

Accuracy of premiums based on date of this post’s publication, and may change over time.

Insurance with Medical Issues

Some life insurance companies are much more liberal in Ohio about certain health concerns than others.  If we take the example of an individual with a history of hypertension, you’ll find that each insurance company is going to treat that issue differently.

That’s why it’s so important to speak to a knowledgeable, independent Ohio life insurance agent about your needs, so he or she can recommend the company who will be the most lenient about your health history and most likely offer the lowest premium.

We’ve had great success getting residents of Ohio offers for medical issues such as diabetes type II (as good as Preferred Non Smoker in some cases) with ING.  We’ve gotten Preferred Best offers for people on medication for depression or anxiety, as well as preferred best offers for life insurance with high blood pressure.  We’ve also successfully obtained Standard offers for individuals with heart disorders such as coronary artery disease (CAD), stent placement, history of heart attack, as well as valve replacement.

Ohio Term Life Insurance Rates for Smokers

We do offer great rates for term and whole life insurance policies for cigarettes smokers, as well as for men using other forms of tobacco besides cigarettes, such as pipes, cigars, or chewing tobacco.

In fact, non smoking (non tobacco) rates can be achieved at some life insurance carriers, depending on the type of tobacco you use.  Use the form on the right for low cost term life insurance for smokers quotes.

How are Premiums Calculated?

The five variables which determine your premium are:

1. Age

2. Gender – Males pay more than females.

3. Health Rating – The better health you’re in, the lower your premium.

4. Amount of Coverage

5. Length of Term – Shorter terms (10 and 15 years) cost less than longer terms such as 20 and 20 years.

Term and Whole Life Differences

Most of our clients in Ohio need term life insurance.  Term is generally less expensive than whole life and serves to meet a temporary coverage need, such as 10 or 20 years.  Also, I should take this opportunity to say that while we recently wrote an Ohio National Life Insurance review, we are by no means limited to companies headquartered in Ohio.

We work with carriers all over the nation.  For example, Genworth Life Insurance is stationed in Lynchburg, VA, but we can still sell their products in Ohio, like the Colony Term UL.  Many companies like ING and Prudential are headquartered in other states, but their products have also been approved by the Ohio Department of Insurance to be sold in Ohio.

Back to term life insurance now.  It is most commonly needed for salary replacement.  So if you plan to work 20 more years, a 20 year term policy might be the most suitable product for you.  Perhaps you only plan to work 10 more years, in which case a 10 year policy could suit you fine.

Term life insurance does not build cash value, so if you cancel it, you won’t get any money returned to you.  A term life insurance premium simply charges you the least amount of premium for the most amount of coverage.  Guaranteed level term is the most affordable type of Ohio Life insurance available.

10 year term means the premiums stay fixed for 10 years, and 15 year term means the payments are fixed for 15 years, and so on. Whole life insurance provides guaranteed coverage, and builds cash value.

If cash accumulation is not your goal, you might really want a guaranteed universal life policy to age 100, which still offers guaranteed level premiums for life, but will accrue little to no cash value.

Taxation to Consider

Presently, death benefits are not charged income tax to residents of Ohio, or any other state for that matter, as long as you don’t deduct the premiums

However, life insurance benefits may be part of your taxable estate upon death, so be sure to consult an attorney and tax advisor to try to minimize estate taxes.

I’d Like To Buy – What Now?

Please get a free quote using the form on the right. On the next page, you can request an application for the policy you’d like.  Please note if you use our quote form, quotes appear on the next page. We know other insurance sites require many pages of personal details before providing quotes, but not ours.

Your other option is to call us at 877-996-9383 for Ohio life insurance quotes over the telephone.