Life Insurance Ages 76 to 80

Senior Couple Married Needs Life InsuranceOne of the more common questions we get here at Huntley Wealth Insurance is whether or not you can purchase life insurance between the ages of 76 to 80, and if we can help.

Yes, you can qualify for coverage at this age, and even all the way up to age 90, and yes, we will help you find the best life insurance for seniors over 75 at the best rates for your needs.

How Much Does Life Insurance Cost at Age 76-80?

The cost of life insurance at age 76, 77, 78, etc., really depends on your health.

Some of our clients have never experienced health issues, who will be candidates to qualify for preferred health ratings, and lower premiums.

Sample Term Quotes for $25,000 Coverage

Type of Insurance             10 Year Term               To Age 121

Male Age 76                          $113                                $124  (ALL QUOTES PER MONTH)
male Age 77                          $125                                $132
Male Age 78                          $143                                $143
Male Age 79                          $161                                $159
Male Age 80                          $183                                $180

Quotes based on premiums for a male in Preferred Non tobacco health classification as of 11/21/11.

Please use our quote form on the right for a quick quote, but please understand that these quotes should be used as a general guideline, and be sure to read the section below titled “Your health affects your premium” to understand the pricing better.

Your Health Affects Your Premium

When you think of an individual at age 78 or age 79, it’s pretty rare to find one who does not at least take a couple medications, even if it’s for something as mild as hypertension or osteoporosis.  With a minor issue such as these, affordable coverage is not hard to find.

If your medical impairment is not too complicated, you may be able to be approved at preferred or standard rates.  This means you’ll pay a lower premium for the same amount of coverage than a policyholder who is approved at a substandard health rating.