How to Buy Life Insurance

Who Has the Lowest Prices for Term Life Insurance?

I believe we at Huntley Wealth Insurance do, because we offer quotes from over 30 life insurance companies if you use the instant quote form on the right.  Just complete the form, and you’ll see your quotes on the next page.  We’re also experts at helping you find the company who will give you the best deal if you have a health condition such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes.

Beware When Purchasing Life Insurance

Be careful when searching how to buy life insurance that you don’t give away your personal information to certain life insurance websites to see a quote.  It may be an insurance lead generation company who collects your information and sells it to up to 12 life insurance agents or agencies.

If you are unfortunate enough to submit your phone number and email address to one of these websites, you’ll probably be getting insurance solicitation calls for weeks.  Always check the site’s Privacy statement before giving your information to it to determine whether or not your contact info will be shared with other agents.

How to Apply for Life Insurance

After getting quotes using our form on the right, select the policy you think fits your needs the best and select “Request Application”.  We will contact you to be sure the policy you have selected meets your insurance needs and that you can qualify for the policy at a price that is acceptable to you.

We can then take the application over the phone, by mail, or send it via email to you.  Most of our policies require a short medical exam, which costs you nothing (paid for by the insurance company), although we do also offer no exam policies.  If you have any further questions about how to buy life insurance, call us at 877-996-9383.

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