Tips for Purchasing 30 Year Term Life Insurance

30 Year Term Life Insurance Covers Home Mortgage

30 Year Term Life Insurance Covers Home Mortgage

Thank you for visiting Huntley Wealth Insurance’s website, where we specialize in offering low cost term life insurance quotes.  In this article, we’ll discuss who can purchase 30 year term, offer sample quotes for coverage, and explain the difference between a long term policy versus whole life insurance.

Who Should Buy 30 Year Term Life Insurance?

30 year guaranteed term is ideal for people who need life insurance protection for a long time, but not necessarily their entire life.  One such example would be purchasing a 30 year insurance policy to cover a 30 year fixed mortgage.

Keep in mind that the oldest you can be to qualify is 65 years old.  Once you turn 66 and older, you can still apply for 10 and 20 year term policies, but there are no life insurance carriers offering 30 year level term after age 65.

Healthy or Receiving Treatment for Medical Condition

Perhaps you are very healthy male.  We love helping healthy men, because in many regards, it is easier to find you affordable coverage than for a man with health issues.

However, we also put an emphasis on obtaining affordable 30 year term coverage for men with medical impairments. So if you have been diagnosed with anxiety or high cholesterol, or any other disease, we are fully equipped to help you find affordable coverage as well!  Call us at 877-996-9383 for quotes or use the form on the right.

Sample 30 Year Term Quotes for Men

Please use our instant quote form to the right to determine the best prices for 30 year term life insurance from over 100 highly rated term life insurance companies.
Term Insurance Protection Being Treated for Health Issues

A few life insurance providers will be more lenient on particular medical issues than other providers.  Let’s take a health risk that plagues many men, such as heart disease.  Every insurance company is going to treat a history of heart problems differently.  Some will be more forgiving than others.

It makes sense, then, that the proper avenue to obtain cost effective 30 year coverage with health impairments is to apply with the carrier who will be the most understanding about your particular health impairments.  We recommend speaking to an independent broker who knows which carriers are best for which health impairments.